Saturday, September 1, 2007

Republicans Must Not Have Irony

Loudoun County Republicans must not have irony. If they did, they would find this flyer one of the funniest ironic satires ever typeset.

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Let's look at these claims, one by one.

Cut Taxes - The Board of Supervisors, which is controlled by the Republicans, raised property taxes this year.

End Gridlock - It's difficult to start solving this problem when you fundamentally oppose the very authority created to deal with this issue. The Loudoun Board of Supervisors denies the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority has the power to issue the bonds necessary to raise the money to fix the problem. Additionally, this Board of Supervisors rarely sees a development it doesn't like. How will the Republicans end gridlock by adding houses and opposing roads? Isn't that just a recipie for more gridlock?

Stop Abuser Fees - Perhaps the most comical of the claims. The Abuser Fees were a Republican idea in the first place! The bill's original sponsor was the Republican Leader: William J. Howell. Trusting the Republicans to "stop" abuser fees is like putting a fox in charge of the henhouse. Remember the debacle left by Governor Gilmore in the wake of the car tax "repeal?" A republican "fix" to the Abuser Fees will be worse.

Stop Sprawl and Density-Packing - The truth of this claim is in the sentence that follows it: "Balanced growth through consensus solutions creating true communities, with great jobs, shopping and recreation close to home." Verbs like "growth" and "creating" aren't used when you actually mean to "stop" something. We all want great jobs, shopping and recreation close to home. Loudoun County Republicans have had four years of control to get that done. They have failed.

Ensure Top-Ranked Schools - Really? Then why did fully half of the Republicans vote to cut $79 Million from the school budget? If not for the leadership of people like Sally Kurtz and Scott York, Republicans like Jim Clem, Lori Waters, Mick Staton and Eugene Delgaudio would have gutted Loudoun's already top-ranked schools.

Uphold Immigration Laws - Of course, the County staff report explains why the issue is a lot more complicated than it seems. I would ask two questions. First, if we uphold the laws and incarcerate all the migrants in Loudoun County in anticipation of their deportation (which, by the way, Loudoun County cannot do itself, only the Federal government can deport someone), may I ask how we will pay for their incarceration? I expect that increasing our prisoner population by a few thousand will increase the need for cells and guards, not to mention food, healthcare and other basic necessities for people who are no longer earning a living in our community. That means more local taxes to do job the Federal government is supposed to be done. Second, if we deny these folks services, may I ask how we are going to pay for the increase in emergency services caused by acute health problems, bureaucracy dealing with drivers arrested for driving without licenses, and the lawsuits that are filed against the County when we deny some children a public education? When the Republicans say they want to uphold immigration laws, it means they're going to raise your taxes.

Clean Up County Government - How are the people who are dirty in county government supposed to clean up county government? The FBI has questioned Republican members of the Board of Supervisors in a corruption probe! It's up to the voters to clean up County Government, by voting the Loudoun Republicans out of government.

To the Loudoun County Republicans, up is down, left is right, and failure - abject, utter failure - is success. It's a good thing the intelligent voters of Loudoun understand irony. On November 6th, we'll have a chance to vote for real leadership.


Stevens Miller said...

Our reply piece was given out the same night. See

Paradox13VA said...

Nice work Stevens! You're absolutely right, a New Loudoun takes New Leaders.

Here's a working link to your response: "For a Better Loudoun, the Choice for Dulles Supervisor Is Clear"

lateefx said...

That is so funny...I don't think the GOP has this type of humor though. The immigration issue is the most prevailing one.

I know that this is an issue that has been continuing for quite some time in the entire Northern Virginia area. When Prince William County started with these actions it was clear to be a catalyst for change and progression into a Virginia with NO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Check out this analysis written at the very beginning of the Fiasco: Loudoun County Passes Tough Immigration Laws - Hardliners Dig - Protestors Don't