Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Joe May's Friends

The local election for Delegate here in made the front page of MyDD today. And a very interesting affiliation of Joe May's was brought to light.
"Black Katrina victims are "pestilent vermin." "These leeches will go on to pollute the communities [where] they're relocated" - statement made in 2004 by a Sons of Confederate Veterans President.

"We seek a return to ... a majority European-derived society." Statement made in 2000 by a Sons of Confederate Veterans Executive Council Member - MyDD
And the connection to our delegate, Joe May?
So why does Virginia, the state that decided to reject George "Macaca" Allen as a Senator, have Joe T. May, self-proclaimed treasurer of his Sons of the Confederate Veterans chapter, representing their 33rd District in the State Assembly? - MyDD
The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a heritage organization that has been dominated by white supremacists since 2002.

For the past five years, we have been represented in the House of Delegates by the Treasurer of an organization with overt, racist policies and leadership. (And just in case Joe May's Assembly biography linked above is "updated" in the next few days, a copy of the page has been preserved.)

Those are not Loudoun values. Joe May must be defeated next Tuesday. Go give Marty Martinez some support.


Leslie Graves said...

Hey Paradox,

Do you know anything about this:


is it just as internal GOP spat?

Paradox13VA said...

Indeed I do. John Flannery is running as a write in against Jim Plowman, the current Commonwealth's Attorney. Jim Plowman involved himself in a Republican Primary (Tate vs. Vogel) earlier in the year, and in doing so, may have broken some laws by allegedly leaking grand jury information to a reporter.

See the Loudoun Times-Mirror for more.