Friday, October 26, 2007

Reforming the SCC - Marty Martinez Has A Plan

When discussing reforming the SCC a few days ago, an important data point was missing from the analysis. Former Sen. Charles Waddell has endorsed Marty Martinez's plan to reform the SCC when Marty is elected to the House of Delegates in November.
Marty Martinez has a plan to reform and reorganize the State Corporation Commission, one of the most powerful bodies in Virginia today. The SCC has a history of giving corporations such as Dominion Power about anything they ask for, all at the expense of the Virginia consumer and worker.

At issue now is Dominion Power’s refusal to put power lines underground. Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike agree on this environmental need, but Dominion Power stubbornly refuses, to the extent that even Republican Congressman Frank Wolf calls the company “arrogant.”

Marty Martinez, in his candidacy for the House of Delegates from the 33rd District, has pledged he will work for legislation to change the SCC and make it responsible to the people of Virginia and of Loudoun and Clarke Counties. This is a change long overdue. Even the name needs to be changed -- many states call their regulatory bodies Public Service Commissions. The Virginia SCC’s very title says it’s concerned with corporations, not people.
Marty Martinez will fight for these changes and for our best interests. He will oppose abuse by powerful corporations such as Dominion Power. That is one of the reasons I support and endorse Marty Martinez to be my delegate. His opponent has never taken the lead and worked seriously to change the SCC. That alone is reason not to reelect Joe May, who likes to call the SCC members “judge,” an honorific title awarded only by admirers, instead of the legal title of commissioner.

It's time for change. We need to change the SCC. We need to change our delegate.
- Charles Waddell, in The Loudoun Times-Mirror
Marty Martinez will represent us in Richmond, vote for Marty on November 6th.

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David said...

Have you noted Dominion Power’s early morning announcement today on a new grant to Virginia Tech to research carbon sequestration?

At first glance, it seems like just a feel-good (albeit thin) press release. But then … in 30 years of doing PR, I cannot remember ever seeking to put out a positive announcement on a Saturday.

Was it because they wanted to avoid any scrutiny? After all, there are plenty of credible experts available … maybe not on a weekend … who will tell reporters that CO2 sequestration is becoming a discredited pipedream. It’s an idea in search of a technology looking for a practical application that may never come. But it is a good way for Dominion Power to say: “Leave us alone already. See, we can spell climate change.”

Then again, maybe the real purpose of the release wasn’t for the news media at all. Maybe it was intended for emailing and faxing … some 70 hours before the polls open … to candidates who are growing increasingly uncomfortable with Dominion’s intransigence on environmental issues.

We blog about this on our website today.