Monday, October 1, 2007

Republicans Will Not Debate

If the Republican candidates on the November ballot are so afraid of facing the voters during the campaign, why are they running?
Supervisor Candidates Pull Out of Debates

Two GOP incumbents, Stephen J. Snow (Dulles) and Mick Staton Jr. (Sugarland Run), had months ago told the league they would participate. But on Friday, they said were withdrawing from league sponsored debates. They said they changed their minds because the league had not planned debates between some of the candidates for state legislative offices.

The exclusion of some candidates shows "they're favoring Democrats," said Paul Protic, chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. "It's more about the voters of Loudoun," Protic said. "They need to hear from all the candidates." - The Washington Post
It is unclear how not attending a debate helps the voters of Loudoun hear from all the candidates. But let us leave that logical conundrum to the Republican candidates.

This announcement comes after Eugene Delgaudio and and Mark Albright (Republican candidates in Sterling and Catoctin, respectively) already declined to debate. While candidates like Stevens Miller in Dulles, Jeanne West in Sterling, and Susan Klimek Buckley in Sugarland Run have been out directly engaging with voters for months, walking the streets of their districts and listening, their Republican opponents cannot be bothered to show up to "the most respected" debate venue of this election.

Who respects the venue? Their fellow Republican Jim Clem, apparently.

Jim Clem could not get his Republican brethren on to oppose push polls, and now he cannot even convince them to answer questions in a respected public forum. It is unclear what he can possibly do for Leesburg on the Board of Supervisors if he cannot convince other members of the Board to respect the voters enough to refrain from push polls and attend one debate. Meanwhile, every Democratic Board of Supervisors candidate has pledged not to use push polls.

The contrast could not be more stark: Democrats respect citizens, Republicans do not.

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