Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sen. Obama Wins Loudoun

Loudoun's primary results are in, and Barack Obama won big.

(Results from the State Board of Elections)

Sen. Obama carried Loudoun, an area where Hillary Clinton was expected to do well by Virginia's own Kenton Ngo.
10th District: Clinton 3, Obama 2
Overwhelmingly white as you head farther west in this district. Loudoun Democrats, while by income similar, are different than Arlington Democrats. Clinton carries the day here–narrowly. - 750 Volts
Statewide, Obama did even better than in Loudoun specifically, though all the precincts are not in yet.


And the delegate speculation has already begun.
In Virginia alone, Barack Obama is projected to take home between 49 and 52 pledged delegates, while Hillary Clinton is projected to bring in about 31 to 34. If the spread is on the higher end and Obama is able to net a gain of 20+ delegates, he would extend his lead among pledged delegates (excluding Michigan and Florida) to 1077 to 975 -- more than making up for Clinton's lead among superdelegates. Interesting stuff. - MyDD
Either way, strong momentum for Sen. Obama heading into Wisconsin. With these strong margins, the pressure on the Clinton campaign is ratcheted up even higher. Virginia really did matter this year. Many thanks to people who waited in lines on a grey, icy day to make their vote count.

It will be interesting to see whether the energy brought out in this primary is carried into the General Election, or perhaps even the Town election in Leesburg and the Congressional primary in June. 20% turnout in a primary is remarkable. The Webb-Miller race for the Democratic Senatorial nomination in 2006 only had 3.5% turnout. It may be the case that a new wave of Democratic partisans has been activated in Loudoun. It is up to the LCDC and the local campaigns to take advantage of this windfall.

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