Tuesday, April 22, 2008

69% Disapproval, Dude

While there are many reasons that 69 is an excellent number, when it's your disapproval rating, it's not so good.
Earlier this month, I noted that George W. Bush's disapproval rating had finally topped Richard Nixon's worst, 67 percent to 66 percent. However, once in early 1952 Harry Truman's disapproval rating jumped up to 67 percent, meaning that Bush only tied for the lead for the greatest disapproval rating in modern history, according to Gallup (which started polling during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt). Well, now Bush has the ignominious honor of holding the title of the highest ever disapproval rating all by himself. - MyDD
It is almost as if The Executive looks at what the vast majority of Americans believe to be the right thing to do is, and they do the exact opposite. And still, 28% of Americans approve of President Bush. In an interesting parallel, only 28% of Americans believe that Bush's rebate checks will help the economy. And only 28% believe that America is heading in the right direction...wait, that was a poll from last April, the number is lower today.

Tristero offers this perspective on the remaining 28% approval.
You may think that sounds like very low approval but it's not. Actually, it's disturbingly high. Let me explain by way of an example.

You're driving down a highway, minding your own business. However approximately 28 of every 100 drivers hurtling towards you at 55 to 65 mph plus are so utterly unhinged from reality they actually think Bush is doing a good job. Your life is in their hands. - Digby's Hullabaloo
Another perspective is this graph from Pollster.com

If that graph were of an evening out with the guys, at this point friends would be saying to President Bush, "Hey man, we should get outta here, throwing that dart at the bouncer was a bad idea." How is it that no one in the Administration seems to be listening?

Oh right, what the American people think just doesn't matter to The Executive. I had forgotten.

My wife is a reasonable woman. I use her to calibrate my own political enthusiasm. There are times when I get all agitated over something, and my wife responds with the equivalent of her signature "meh." That is when I know I need a better argument, or the issue just isn't something that is going to resonate with people.

When we watched Dick Cheney reply, "So" to a question about public opposition to the war, she actually got angry. And that is why 69% disapproval matters. The sheer arrogance and disdain for the average American shown by this Administration has alienated so many people that it impacts our ability to function as a polity, with the people going in one direction and The Executive going in another.

Thank god we have elections to correct course.


Terry Carter (DC) said...

Goes without saying but:


brentwood02134 said...

Dick Cheney and the oil lobby's rein ends in about 7 months, thankfully. So what's the approval rating for Congress and the Senate?

Paradox13VA said...

Congress's approval is pretty bad too, but it's always been pretty bad.