Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Interregnum Since Election

For the past couple weeks, I stepped back from being completely seeped in politics as a post-election recovery period. Here in Virginia, we don't really get any kind of recovery period due to our election-ever-year cycle. That's especially true here in Loudoun, where a number of local officials have endorsed Brian Moran, but there is a lot of enthusiasm for Creigh Deeds among the LCDC activist community.

I love this cycle, it keeps those of us who are active engaged and energized, but after the battle that was 2008, a couple weeks away was called for. If only to avoid some of the inevitable recriminations that emerge after such battles.

Here's some Funny as a way for saying "thanks for the patience while I was away."

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LCDC Last Word

Our esteemed LCDC Chairman has the last word on yesterday's election.
Now that the election is over, I encourage you to be humble in victory. Obama said last night he aims to be the president for all of America, regardless of political preference. As we're talking to our friends of a different political persuasion in Loudoun County, let's keep this call for a new, inclusive politics in mind.

Enjoy the victory, fellow Loudouners, it was yours.

Tim Buchholz
Chairman, Loudoun County Democratic Committee

My Precinct Went 2:1

Working my polling place all day yesterday, I was nervous. By the afternoon, the rush was gone, and there was not a single voter in line at 7pm when the Chief, Rich (who was the youngest member of the elections board in his hometown in Pennsylvania in the first election in which 18 year olds were allowed to participate) called "The Polls Are Closed!" and shut the doors at Francis Hazel Reid. Throughout the day, I was impressed by the people's firm commitment to the vote, and the seriousness with which the voters took their right. Nonetheless, I was nervous. I felt like the precinct had been running about 55%-45% Obama, and I knew that if E. Leesburg didn't do better than that, we'd have a hard time making our friend Rollie's vote as an Obama Elector count this year.

I've never been happier to be wrong.
East Leesburg Results
Barack Obama and Joe Biden - 1,243 - 64.57%

John McCain and Sarah Palin - 647 - 33.61%
Two-to-one for Barack Obama.

Two to one for the African-American Democrat in a Loudoun County precinct.

That is change. Yes, we did.

Monday, November 3, 2008

"Twas The Night Before Voting"

Written by a friend in Ohio.

by Scott C.

'Twas the night before voting,
And here in the Midwest
People pondered and argued,
"Which one is the best?"

I in my t-shirt
And Birkenstock shoes
Had just settled in
To watch CNN's news

When out on the lawn
There arose such a clatter
That I ran from my seat
To see what was the matter.

Glaring sharply my way
Stood a crusty old coot
With beady, mean little eyes
And a Brooks Brothers suit.

He had seen in my yard
A large Democrat banner,
And it made him so angry
He forgot all about manners!

His intent was quite clear,
As he picked up a rock.
He was voting McCain,
And not for Barack!

I was starting to duck,
To avoid getting hit --
But he stared at the sky,
And then shouted, "Oh, shit!"

There was light from above,
Like a strange UFO,
And my grass was alight
With its gentle, warm glow.

In a moment a sleigh
Landed out on my yard.
That old man raised his fists,
Took up his fighting guard.

"Just calm down," said a voice,
To the old man out there,
"I know you're not so bad.
You're just filled with despair."

"You've been lied to," he added,
"And your faith's been a tool
For a swaggering dolt.
Now you feel like a fool."

"For eight years you've been told
That the world isn't nice,
That for safety you'll pay,
And your freedom's the price."

"Your job went overseas,
So some rich CEO
Could buy seven more jets,
And retire in Rio."

"I don't blame you a bit,"
Said the man from the sky,
"I'm as angry as you --
But I'll never say die!"

"We can change this great land,"
Said the man on the sleigh,
"If we just work together,
And it all starts today."

"We don't have to hate all
Who are not just like us.
We don't have to hear lies
>From that 'straight talking' bus!"

The old man looked askance
At the guy on the sleigh,
And asked, "Why should I trust
You to do what you say?"

The sleigh man said, "Not just me --
I'm not some magical elf.
Just believe in your country,
Believe in yourself!"

A smile came to the face
Of the man on my grass,
And he said, "I must say,
You're a pain in the ass!"

"But I've got to admit
I'm not totally happy.
For the past seven years,
My life's been kind of crappy!"

"My kid's gone off to war,
And my job to Taiwan.
I've been lied to and used --
Why, I'm only a pawn!"

The man on the sleigh said,
"Then dry up your tears!
It's much better to live for
Our hopes, than our fears!"

The old man said, "All right.
It's worth trying your way.
Sorry about this campaign sign;
Guess I'd best slink away."

"Don't feel bad," I called out,
"You were only misguided.
You're not really Republican,
You're just undecided!"

"I can get a new sign,
So you needn't be slinking.
What matters the most
Is that you've started thinking."

The man in the sleigh said,
"I must be moving on.
You must end for yourselves
This dispute on the lawn."

The old guy and I smiled,
And at last we shook hands.
As the sleigh flew away,
We both said, "Yes we can!"

Sunday, November 2, 2008

An Interlude: Da Dip

My favorite bourbon, and the only one I keep in my UVA decanter.