Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mike Turner Bows Out

It is with sadness that I return from tonight's Loudoun County Democratic Committee meeting and report that at this evening's meeting Mike Turner, the Democrat running for Delegate in the 33rd District, withdrew from the race against Del. Joe May. He cited two reasons for ending his campaign. First, he cited the commitments he has made to the Wounded Warrior Project. Mike is leading the advocacy for wounded veterans of the past eight years before Congress. Our loss of a candidate is a win for our thousands of wounded warriors. I can think of no better advocate for our wounded soldiers, and if we are to lose Mike as a candidate, I can think of no better organization to receive his dedication and focus.

The second reason Mike withdrew his candidacy was money. As Mike pointed out, there are hundreds of Democratic candidates calling the same pool of donors, many of whom feel tapped out from 2008. In such an environment, it is very hard to sustain the funding necessary for his race and fulfill his promises to our wounded veterans.

If either one of these two reasons were mitigated, he would have stayed in the race, but he could not in good conscience stay in as a candidate when keeping up that candidacy would potentially shortchange the Wounded Veterans Project.

I must admit being stunned in the meeting tonight when Mike announced his withdrawl. I have known Mike since I started getting involved in Loudoun politics. Though I supported Judy Feder in the primary last year, I was glad he ran in the primary, as I believed that the primary made us stronger as a party.

I want to say thank you to Mike for running. I also want to encourage Loudoun's Democrats to support our other candidates, including Del. Dave Poisson, Supervisor Stevens Miller, Chuck Caputo and John Bell, all of whom will help make our House of Delegates a House of the people, not the house of "no" it is today.

Our loss today. Our veterans' gain for the future. Our party's challenge in 2009.

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