Friday, March 19, 2010

Tax Hypocrisy and Public Input

I strongly recommend going and reading Dave's post on local property taxes today.
Greg Stone (a Loudoun County Republican Committee officer) stated that “you don’t raise tax rates in a recession, something you guys have already done”. The assessment database on the Loudoun County website shows that Mr. Stone paid over $600 LESS in property taxes in 2009 than he did in 2008.

Jeff Morse of Chantilly spoke later in the session and remarked about “how outrageously high taxes are” in Loudoun. I looked up Mr. Morse’s home data, and yes Mr. Morse, like Mr. Stone, paid LESS in property taxes in 2009 than he did in 2008, a little over $500. - In Through The Out Door
The "lower taxes" argument of Republicans is essentially absurd, because no Republican, especially in Mark Sell's LCRC, believes that there is a "good" tax level above zero. There appears to be a belief, divorced from reality, that you can have a high quality of life without paying for the roads, schools, public services and public safety infrastructure necessary to maintain that quality of life.

Ultimately, we are today paying the price for the choices made by the Board of Supervisors from 2002 through 2007. Mark Sell's LCRC would have us go back to that era of fiscal mismanagement and overdevelopment. The current Board of Supervisors has steered a more responsible course, and is being excoriated for it.

I, for one, thank the Board of Supervisors for taking responsibility for Loudoun's problems, making hard choices, and doing the hard work of governing, rather than grandstanding hypocritically.


James Young said...

Yeah. It's kind of like you far Lefties who say you want to RAISE taxes, but haven't sent in any additional money.

Paradox13VA said...

Once more James, I do not know what "additional money" program you are talking about, nor have you provided any link to it.

Please corroborate your assertion. Thanks.

也許 said...
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