Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joy Maloney for School Board

For those of you who live in Broad Run District, you might have heard about the domestic violence arrest of the sole candidate officially on the ballot for School Board. Needless to say, someone arrested for domestic violence should not be eligible to run for school board.

Thankfully, an amazing, long-time community member and parent has stepped up to offer her services to her neighbors in Broad Run: Joy Maloney.

Joy is a friend. We've worked together on Democratic campaigns, and talked about Loudoun schools. But more importantly than that, she's a mom and a neighbor. She is completely focused on her family much to her (and their) credit. But her commitment to her community is undeniable, which is why when no one else would, Joy stepped-up.

So, if you see "Kevin Kuesters" on your ballot on November 8th, be sure to go down to the write-in line, fill in the circle there, and write in "Joy Maloney" (as illustrated above).


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