Engaging with Local Communities: How the Loudoun County Democratic Party is Making a Difference

The Democratic Party is a powerful force for change in the Commonwealth of Virginia. From LGBT Democrats to the Virginia Young Democrats, the party is committed to uniting people of all backgrounds and ages in support of common interests and objectives. In Loudoun County, the Democratic Party is actively engaging with local communities to make a difference. The Loudoun County Elections Office in Leesburg is open for in-person absentee voting Monday through Friday and through June 17. Three additional absentee voting sites will open on June 10, providing citizens with an important opportunity to make their voices heard and have their votes counted.

Kannan Srinivasan and Sirisha Kompalli are running for the Democratic Party's nomination in District 26 of the Virginia House of Delegates. This district covers an area that roughly follows the Loudoun County highway corridor and encompasses Brambleton, Loudoun Valley Estates, Stone Ridge and South Riding. In addition, Leesburg City Councilman Zachary Cummings and Attorney Russet Perry are vying for the Democratic Party's nomination for Virginia's 31st Senate District. Ibraheem Samirah is also on the ballot in the 32nd Senate District, which includes eastern Loudoun County, south of Route 7.The Virginia Democratic Party has several organizations dedicated to engaging with local communities.

The LGBT Democrats in Virginia present problems and act as advocates for LGBT people within the Virginia Democratic Party. They help choose Democratic candidates by providing a centralized repository of experience and an information-sharing center for all LGBT campaign activities through collaboration with several Democratic campaigns. The Virginia Young Democrats is the official youth organization for Virginia Democrats under 36. The purpose of this organization is to unite Virginia women in support of women in the Democratic Party and their candidates, to encourage the full and equal participation of women in the Party, to encourage, educate and fund Democratic women who aspire to public office, and to raise awareness about women's issues in the Commonwealth and the Democratic Party of Virginia. The Virginia Democratic Party Veterans and Military Family Caucus has the mission of informing sitting politicians about the needs of veterans, service members and their families. The Virginia Democratic Party Labor Group is committed to raising awareness of labor issues and, through its actions, support and communications, to making a positive impact on today's working class. Finally, Democrats in Loudoun (outside Leesburg) are a scant choice, demographically speaking, for a socialist organization.

The mission and objective of VADSBC are to organize and document Virginia's Democratic small business base through the Democratic Party's local network. The Loudoun County Democratic Party is actively engaging with local communities to make a difference. From providing opportunities for citizens to vote to supporting organizations dedicated to advocating for veterans, service members, women, LGBT people, young people, and small businesses - they are working hard to ensure that everyone has a voice. The Loudoun County Democratic Party is committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone can participate in democracy. Through their efforts to engage with local communities, they are helping create a more equitable society where everyone can have their voices heard.

Irving Zimmerli
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