Loudoun County Democrats Unite to Support Healthcare and Criminal Justice Reform

Members of the Loudoun County Democratic Board of Supervisors and Democratic candidates have come together to announce a unified campaign platform. Attorney Elizabeth Jean Lancaster, Democratic candidate for attorney of the Commonwealth of Loudoun County, was among those who pledged to carry out a unity campaign. The platform focuses on healthcare reform and criminal justice reform, two issues that have been at the forefront of the Democratic Party's agenda for some time. The six incumbent Democratic members of the Board of Supervisors and the three Democratic contenders have all expressed their commitment to improving access to healthcare and criminal justice in Loudoun County.

The unity campaign platform includes a number of initiatives that are designed to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for residents. These include expanding Medicaid coverage, increasing funding for community health centers, and providing tax credits for individuals and families who purchase health insurance. The platform also calls for increased transparency in healthcare pricing and improved access to mental health services. In addition to healthcare reform, the unity campaign platform also focuses on criminal justice reform. Attorney Lancaster highlighted the success of the Loudoun County juvenile detention center, which has seen its daily population drop from 23 to two or three thanks to their efforts to get children out of jail. The Loudoun County Democratic Party's unity campaign platform is a testament to their commitment to improving access to healthcare and criminal justice in the county.

With this unified platform, they hope to make a positive impact on the lives of Loudoun County residents.

Irving Zimmerli
Irving Zimmerli

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