Resources for Loudoun County Democratic Party Members

The Commonwealth of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Elections provide a wealth of resources to members of the Loudoun County Democratic Party. The Loudoun County Elections Office in Leesburg is open for in-person absentee voting Monday through Friday and through June 17, with three additional absentee voting sites opening on June 10. This allows members of the Democratic Party to cast their ballots in advance of the primary elections. Kannan Srinivasan and Sirisha Kompalli are competing for the Democratic Party's nomination in District 26 of the Virginia House of Delegates. This district covers an area that roughly follows the Loudoun County highway corridor and encompasses Brambleton, Loudoun Valley Estates, Stone Ridge and South Riding.

Ibraheem Samirah is running for the Democratic Party's nomination in the 32nd Senate District of Virginia, which includes eastern Loudoun County south of Route 7.Leesburg City Councilman Zachary Cummings and Attorney Russet Perry are also vying for the Democratic Party's nomination for Virginia's 31st Senate District. Residents of Loudoun County who wish to represent the Democratic or Republican Party should contact their local committee to learn about the regulations and activities of each party. There are also Democratic primary elections for each of the two Virginia Senate districts that encompass Loudoun County. These elections will determine who will represent the Democratic Party in the general election in November.

The Virginia Department of Elections provides a wealth of information about voter registration, absentee voting, polling locations, and other important information about elections in Loudoun County. The Loudoun County Democratic Committee also provides resources to its members, including information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and ways to get involved in local politics. Members of the Loudoun County Democratic Party have access to a variety of resources that can help them stay informed and engaged in local politics. From voter registration to absentee voting to primary elections, there are many ways for members to participate in the democratic process.

By taking advantage of these resources, members can ensure that their voices are heard and their votes count.

Irving Zimmerli
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